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Water softener Brussels: 100% pure natural water

Are you tired of limescale getting stuck in your pipes? Would you like to have pure water throughout your home, very simply? Water softener Brussels: SoluCalc is your solution against limescale.

Water softener Brussels: how does it work?

Firstly, unlike traditional salt softeners, SoluCalc uses only CO2 to convert calcium carbonate (limestone) into calcium bicarbonate. The calcium bicarbonate then comes off your surfaces very easily and does not accumulate in your pipes. Indeed, bicarbonates have opposite properties to carbonates. In particular, they are highly soluble in water and non-incrusting. Thanks to SoluCalc, you can say goodbye to encrusted limestone.

The actions of SoluCalc

  • Protects all your pipes and appliances
    The city water that comes out of your pipes is calcareous, so its accumulation requires you to maintain your pipes on a daily basis. Thanks to the SoluCalc solution, limescale is no longer a problem. Its innovative system protects all your pipes, as well as your appliances such as your coffee machine, kettle, etc.
  • Does not damage your water
    We use food-grade CO2 for our bottles. The same content as in the sparkling water you drink, or in the beer pumps. Your water remains non-sparkling, but with a much better taste than before.

Water softener Brussels: all the advantages of a traditional softener, but without salt

The simplicity of our system results in serious savings because our water softener in Brussels requires no maintenance and no salt bags to operate. Thanks to our cost simulator, estimate in one click your savings over 10 years compared to a traditional salt water softener. In fact, all you have to do is indicate the number of inhabitants in your place of residence and you will get an immediate result.

On top of that, SoluCalc is more environmentally friendly than salt softeners. It produces no waste and the bottle is reusable.

Order the SoluCalc now!

Are you convinced by our innovation? Request a quote online from a SoluCalc professional. You can just as easily request an appointment for the installation of your appliance by an approved installer.

SoluCalc is also present in the following municipalities:

BruxellesIxellesSaint-GillesWoluwe-saint-Pierre UccleHainaut LiegeNamurLuxembourg

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