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Water softener Ixelles – Forget about limescale in your home

Are you looking for a natural way to get rid of limescale on your sinks, showers and bathtubs? Is your skin too sensitive and feels tight as soon as the change of season approaches? Water Softener Ixelles: SoluCalc is your 100% natural solution for all your limescale-related problems.

Water softener Ixelles: how does it work?

The operation of the SoluCalc is quite simple: the device injects CO2 directly into the source of your pipe water and transforms calcium carbonate, also known as limestone, into calcium bicarbonate. Bicarbonate has several interesting properties, but above all that of not adhering to even the most porous pipe. In this way, SoluCalc preserves your pipes and tubes from limescale deposits that are so difficult to remove.

The actions of SoluCalc

Preserves the quality and longevity of your pipes:

SoluCalc lets your pipes breathe and finally gets rid of all your limescale problems.

Preserves the natural taste of your water:

With SoluCalc, you enjoy all the benefits of purer water, while still being able to drink your tap water. Plus, your water won’t get sparkly because the quantity of CO2 injected in the pipes is way below the amount necessary to make it sparkeling water.

Water softener Ixelles: all the advantages of a traditional softener, but without salt

To begin with, the SoluCalc is an appliance that works without any toxic or environmentally harmful products. The SoluCalc uses food grade CO2, which is present in carbonated water. This component is excellent both for you and the environment, as it does not release any waste (unlike salt softeners, for example).

Order the SoluCalc now!

You can easily request a quote for the installation of your water softener in Ixelles, SoluCalc, online. An approved professional will then respond to you as soon as possible. Our installers will come to your home to install your salt-free water softener.

SoluCalc is also present in the following municipalities:

BruxellesIxellesSaint-GillesWoluwe-saint-Pierre UccleHainaut LiegeNamurLuxembourg

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