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Water softener Uccle – Protects your pipes and appliances from encrusted limescale

Would you like to find the revolutionary trick to free yourself from limescale on a daily basis? Your aim is to make your housework easier, without taking your mind off it? Do you also want to be able to always use your tap water? Then the SoluCalc is perfect for you. Its advantages are many, and you will soon discover just how extensive they are. Water Softener Uccle: Easily improve your everyday life.

Water softener Uccle: how does it work?

The SoluCalc is placed directly at the base of your water supply. Thanks to its CO2 injection technique, the SoluCalc converts calcium carbonate (limestone) into calcium bicarbonate. The chemical structure of bicarbonates differs in a few points from that of the carbonates that make up limestone. For example: bicarbonates do not have incrusting properties. As a result, they do not stick to your pipes or ducts. Limescale no longer invades your household appliances, your boiler, or even your bathroom.

The actions of SoluCalc

Allows you to extend the service life of your pipes and equipment:

Without limescale, your appliances and pipes are healthier. SoluCalc therefore ensures a much longer service life, without encrusted limescale.

Allows you to always use your tap water:

An ecological and economical gesture: drink tap water. But with the salt softeners, it was not possible to drink it because it gets a bad taste. While CO2 water softeners do not use toxic products, they do not alter the taste of your water and therefore allow you to drink it at all times.

Water softener Uccle: all the advantages of a traditional softener, but without salt

CO2 water softeners in Uccle have three major advantages:

  • Firstly: they are more environment-friendly than salt water softeners. This is because they do not produce waste and do not use products that are harmful to the environment.
    Secondly: they are more economical than salt softeners. They require no maintenance after installation, saving you money on your plumbing bill. And you don’t have to buy new bags of salt because SoluCalc does not use any.
    Thirdly: they take up very little space. You can easily install it around a pipe.

Order the SoluCalc now!

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SoluCalc is also present in the following municipalities:

BruxellesIxellesSaint-GillesWoluwe-saint-Pierre UccleHainaut LiegeNamurLuxembourg

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