Compact water softener: SoluCalc, your all-purpose softener

Are you looking for a compact water softener because you don’t have much space and limescale is giving you a hard time? SoluCalc has designed a small water softener for you, which is easy to install at the water inlet of your home. Although it is small, it is just as effective as any other larger model. What’s more, it is not only compact but also allows you to make big savings all year round. Enjoy softened water that tastes the same!

SoluCalc compact water softener, how does it work?

Our softener works in a very simple way. It injects a perfectly controlled dose of CO2 into your pipes and thus transforms calcium carbonate – limestone – into calcium bicarbonate. This component has the particularity of not encrusting your pipes, unlike limescale. Don’t worry, the minerals present in the water and which your body needs will always be present. You can always continue to drink tap water. Moreover, its taste will remain unchanged and it will not become sparkling. Also, the CO2 used for this process is food-grade CO2. You can find it in soft drinks, for example. There is therefore no danger in using this CO2 compact water softener system.

The benefits of our compact water softener in your daily life

Thanks to the action of SoluCalc, your household appliances will also see their lifespan increase. You will no longer have to bother washing your tap overly because of lime stains. As soon as you have installed your compact water softener, no more constant cleaning!

Plus, thanks to the softened water, you’ll see clear changes to your skin and hair. The limescale in the water is quite aggressive to the skin and scalp. Over time, your hair becomes duller and your skin drier. As soon as you apply the water softener, you will see positive results in all areas.

Finally, you won’t need to buy bags of salt as our system does not require them. You will therefore save on this last point as well as on the maintenance of your home!

Where do you place a water softener?

The SoluCalc is placed at the very source of your water supply. If you live in a flat, for example, it can be placed near the electricity meter. In short: you don’t even notice our small compact water softener!

Compact, economical and good for the environment

Unlike a softener that uses salt, SoluCalc is more environment-friendly. This is because salt-based systems regenerate regularly, using thousands of litres of water over time. This water is then wasted. Add to this the many bags of salt that have to be bought, which increases the budget. A CO2 softener does not need water for regeneration and the CO2 cylinder is changed less regularly. As an example, you can count on an average of €5 per year and per inhabitant of CO2. In the end, after 10 years of use you will have saved between 2000 and 2500€ compared to another softener.

Finally, when your tank is empty, simply send it to us and we will send you a replacement. You don’t have to worry about the empty bottle, we’ll take care of the rest.

How do you install SoluCalc in your home?

There is nothing simpler than installing our compact water softener. Indeed, if you have plumbing skills, you can install it yourself after receiving your water treatment system. If, on the other hand, you prefer to delegate this task to a professional installer, it is possible.As soon as you place an order for one of our models, we can provide you with a certified technician. This technician will then take care of the installation of your equipment in full compliance with the regulations.

He will also be able to advise you if you wish to clean your pipes and thus carry out an in-depth water treatment when installing the compact water softener.

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