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Water softener Namur: protect your household appliances from limescale

Are you looking for a really effective solution to protect your plumbing and, more generally, all your pipes from lime deposits? Or are you tired of continually repairing your appliances and household appliances, which are damaged by the limescale that builds up in them? Then the salt-free water softener SoluCalc is for you. This device removes limescale from your water in a natural way. Water softener Namur: adopt the SoluCalc and enjoy drinkable water without encrusting limescale. Contact us quickly for a customised and completely free quote.

Water softener Namur: how does it work?

First of all, a water softener makes it possible to reduce the mineral content of water. The minerals include calcium carbonates, more commonly known as limestone.

The SoluCalc CO2 softener uses food grade carbon dioxide to permanently remove limescale deposits. Both in your pipes and in your household appliances, it removes limescale for good.

The SoluCalc consists of several components, including a food grade CO2 cylinder. Note that the gas used here is similar to the one used in soft drinks. When the CO2 comes into contact with water, a chemical transformation takes place and the limestone changes into calcium bicarbonate. Unlike calcium carbonate, calcium bicarbonate is soluble and non-scaling.

This means that you are free of all the worries associated with lime deposits, both in the pipes and in the appliances.

The actions of SoluCalc

Participates in the maintenance of your pipes and household appliances
Do you want to extend the life of your dishwasher, kettle, etc.? Then you should look to a water softener. By acting at the very base of your water supply, SoluCalc preserves your various household appliances. No more limescale in your pipes and no more complicated cleaning. In addition, you simply extend the service life of your appliances and pipes.
Keeps your water drinkable
The salt softener uses brine, making your water undrinkable. On the contrary, the SoluCalc uses only food grade CO2 to purify your water. It is the same gas that is found, for example, in beer pumps, or in sparkling water. Your water will not become sparkling, however, and you will still be able to enjoy a delicious glass of tap water every day.

Water softener Namur: all the advantages of a traditional softener, but without salt

First of all, SoluCalc is a more environmentally friendly softener alternative to the salt-based version. This is because the CO2 softener does not produce any waste and therefore does not generate any waste. In short, choosing SoluCalc means choosing a more environmentally responsible softener solution.

On the other hand, the CO2 softener is more economical than the salt softener. SoluCalc requires no annual maintenance. This means that you do not have to pay a professional plumber every year. What’s more, SoluCalc does not require any equipment once installed. You do not have to buy bags of salt every month.

In short, the CO2 softener is not only a more environmentally friendly alternative, but also more economical than the salt-based version.

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