Buying a water softener, an effective solution!

Have you ever wondered how to combat limescale on a long-term basis? Then buying a water softener is a solution that could surely satisfy you! First of all, SoluCalc explains how to choose the right volume for your softener. Next, we will explain how a salt-free water softener will improve your situation. In addition, you will understand which softener is right for your home. Finally, we will explain how you can install it.

How to choose the volume of a water softener before buying it?

Actually, SoluCalc offers two ranges of softeners. First, the 1-inch softener. It is therefore specially designed for flats and houses that can accommodate between 20 and 25 residents. The maximum flow rate is 5 cubic metres per hour. Then there is the 2-inch softener. All in all, it is specially designed for communities and flats. Therefore, it can soften the water for 100 and 200 residents, depending on the amount of water used. The maximum flow rate is 20 cubic metres per hour.

Buying a water softener? What are the advantages?

It is important to note that problems with limescale deposits can affect your body. Indeed, limescale causes potential dryness of the skin and hair, or various dermatological problems.

What’s more, corrosion problems can also occur if you don’t address this problem. In addition, your household appliances are very often covered by limescale deposits that have accumulated due to the hardness of the water. However, the softener acts directly on the composition of the water and transforms the calcium particles into calcium bicarbonates. As a result, their non-scaling properties prevent deposits from accumulating on your taps.

After buying a water softener, how do I install it?

After ordering the SoluCalc, you will be put in contact with an approved installer who will take care of the installation of your water treatment system. Once installed, you don’t have to worry about it any more, your water is decalcified as if by magic!

Average price of a water softener: what is the cost of a water softener?

Do you want to buy a cheap water softener for your home? The SoluCalc against limescale water softener is for you. Our water softeners are environmentally friendly and maintenance-free. And unlike other water softeners, they work with CO2 injection. By choosing the SoluCalc brand for your salt-free and maintenance-free water softener, you save money and become more environmentally responsible. You only pay for the complete kit when you order and the cost of a CO2 cylinder (about 25 euros) once a year. The cost of maintenance over 10 years is about 250 euros, as opposed to 2000 euros for another brand of softener. There is no need to pay a lot of money for quality.

Discover our answers to your questions

Questions about our water softener against limescale? Read our FAQ about buying a SoluCalc softener.

The CO2 water softener is a solution that can solve the scale problems in your pipes. This type of system uses food-grade CO2, which means that you and your family can fully consume it.

SoluCalc provides you with a water softener that works on this principle. This water softener will be installed directly at the water inlet. Depending on the size of your house, you can choose between our 2 ranges mentioned above.

Do you have plumbing problems due to limescale in your bathroom and kitchen? Thanks to the SoluCalc 1-inch salt-free and maintenance-free water softener, get rid of your limescale particles. The SoluCalc 1-inch water softener is enough to soften water for 2 people. Get filtered water that is gentle on your skin. Simply contact one of our customer advisors who will explain everything in detail about our 2-person water softener.

Your pipes and washing machine are scaled? Have you tried everything, even baking soda? We have the solution to soften the water needed for 3 people! By choosing our cheap 1-inch water softener from SoluCalc you will notice a clear decrease of scale in your pipes. Have you read our reviews of our salt-free water softener and would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, an advisor will inform you about our product.


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