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CO2 water softener : how does it work

SoluCalc is a system installed directly at the source of your water supply, it is placed after the water meter respecting the standards in force in the country.. It takes up little space, so you will quickly forget about it. It effectively removes limescale, and will improve your daily life in many ways. How does it work? It injects food-grade CO2 into the water in your pipes. The limestone reacts in contact with the CO2, and is turned into calcium bicarbonate. Carbonates and bicarbonates have different properties, and bicarbonates do not stick to the inside of your pipes. With this straightforward solution, cleaning is faster than ever, water is purer and household appliances do not clog up!

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CO2 water softener : all the benefits of a traditional softener without salt

The SoluCalc CO2 solution differs from a traditional salt softener in two ways:

  • Firstly, the CO2 softener does not require the use of salt bags. It is therefore more respectful of our environment.
  • Secondly, once installed, SoluCalc does not require any maintenance, nor the purchase of products such as salt bags. In other words, it saves you a lot of money compared to a salt softener.


A CO2 water softener is a much more economical and ecological solution compared to any other anti-limescale solution.


Guaranteed efficiency, as evidenced by chemistry

When CO2 is injected into the water, it reacts with limestone (calcium carbonate) and turns it into calcium bicarbonate.

Calcium bicarbonate has several domestic advantages:

Protects your appliances

Calcium bicarbonate no longer sticks to resistors: your household appliances, boiler and water heater are therefore protected. Calcium bicarbonate is non-encrusting, and is not able to stick. SoluCalc removes limescale and prevents it from damaging your pipes and appliances.

Easy to clean

Calcium bicarbonate is soluble and is therefore dissolved in water. It is very easy to clean, unlike limescale. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to remove any traces.

Preserves the taste of your water

The food-grade CO2 used by the SoluCalc does not alter the taste of your water. So you can still drink your tap water, tasting better than ever.

CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O → Ca (HCO3)2

This chemical reaction is guaranteed for home temperatures (up to 95°C), with your boiler and water heater therefore protected from limescale.

Efficiency confirmed by tests from the Belgian Building Research Institute

« Among devices tested, the CO2 injection device proved to be particularly efficient, offering results quite similar to salt softeners »

In brief

Have you had enough of limescale building up in your sink, bathtub and shower? Would you like to experience the purest water with a refreshing taste? Then SoluCalc is your solution. Thanks to its unique anti-limescale formula, it allows you to get rid of limescale particles throughout your home. Our salt-free softener will really make your life easier.

Life is better without limescale! The benefits of a CO2 water softener can be felt throughout your home:

  • Your laundry is softer because it is less affected by limescale
  • The dishwasher doesn’t scale up as much and your dishes wash even better
  • The boiler does not clog up anymore, which costs you less energy
  • Cleaning is no longer a chore, and white marks can be wiped away with a cloth
  • Tap water is as good as ever, if not better
  • No need to descale the coffee machine: it is no longer plagued by encrusted limescale

You too can enjoy life! Thanks to our anti-scale solution.

Protects all your pipes and appliances

The SoluCalc is installed directly on your water supply system, so it protects all your appliances – like your faucets – from limescale-related damage. Our system even protects your water heater and dishwasher.

Preserves the taste of your water

The CO2 used by SoluCalc is food grade CO2. The same compound you find in carbonated water. Rest assured, your water will not become fizzy, but you will benefit from a purer and healthier water.

It injects CO2 directly into the water you use and purifies the pipes in your bathroom, kitchen, boiler, etc. Based on a simple chemical reaction, the limestone is then transformed into calcium bicarbonate. Bicarbonates have very different properties than carbonates: for example, bicarbonates do not cling to the walls of the pipes, they are non-scaling. Thus, your water is purified directly at its source, and you can simply forget about all your limescale-related problems.

Many customers feel the difference immediately on their hair, others even see their skin concerns disappear (until the CO2 bottle runs out).

First, a CO2 water softener does not require the use of salt bags. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly than any other type of softener. What’s more, it comes in a very compact form. It takes up very little space and is easily installed at the base of your water supply.

Also, it does not require regular maintenance. You will save water, because the SoluCalc does not pump water unnecessarily for regeneration. It is therefore a solution that is both economical and ecological.

Finally, having softened water allows dry skin and dull hair to regain their shine. No longer attacked by limescale, your skin will return the favor and you will see a clear improvement in your skin.

Want to take advantage of all the benefits of our salt-free water softener right now? Then ask for a quote from a SoluCalc authorized professional. If you’re interested in our product, you can make an appointment online to have an installer come to your home to install your CO2 water softener. Once the system is installed, enjoy the benefits of pure, softened water every day.