Water softener

Water softener Saint-Gilles: 100% pure water in its natural state

Are you tired of limescale getting stuck in your pipes? Do you want pure water throughout your home, very simply? Water Softener Saint-Gilles: SoluCalc is your solution against limescale.

Water softener Saint-Gilles : all the advantages of a traditional softener, but without salt

The simplicity of our system results in serious savings. In fact, our softener requires no maintenance and no salt bags to operate. Thanks to our cost simulator, estimate in one click your savings over 10 years compared to a traditional salt water softener. All you have to do is indicate the number of inhabitants in your place of residence and you will get an immediate result.

What’s more, SoluCalc is more environmentally friendly than salt softeners. It produces no waste and the bottle is also reusable.

The actions of SoluCalc

Protects your pipes:

The salt-free softener is placed at the source of your water supply. And therefore prevents limescale from becoming encrusted in absolutely all your pipes. SoluCalc effectively protects your pipes, your water heater and even your boiler from limescale damage.

Does not affect the taste of your water:

If you’ve ever had a salt water softener in Saint-Gilles, then you know that its particularity is to make your water look rather foul. Fortunately, salt-free softeners don’t change the taste of your tap water in any way.

Water softener Saint-Gilles: the choice of a simple and ecological product

There are three important points to raise when using a CO2 softener. Firstly, you can save a lot of money compared to a salt water softener, as it requires no maintenance.
Secondly, it is respectful of the environment, as it does not produce waste.
Finally, the SoluCalc is extremely compact and takes up no more space than a water meter. It is therefore very practical to have it installed at home.

Order the SoluCalc now!

Would you like to install our CO2 water softener in your home in Saint-Gilles now? Contact us, and we will send an approved SoluCalc installer to install your new softener.

SoluCalc is also present in the following municipalities:

BruxellesIxellesSaint-GillesWoluwe-saint-Pierre UccleHainaut LiegeNamurLuxembourg

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