Water softener Hainaut: say goodbye to limescale in your pipes

Limescale deposits are one of the main causes of the deterioration of pipes. Are you looking for a practical solution to get rid of the limescale that attacks your pipes? Trust SoluCalc, and enjoy pure water that still preserves its taste. SoluCalc uses an innovative, efficient and environment-friendly process. Water softener Hainaut: protect your pipes and appliances with SoluCalc.

Water softener Hainaut: how does it work?

You have not yet heard of the CO2 water softener, and would like to find out how it works? First of all, the CO2 decalcification process consists of injecting food grade carbon dioxide into the water. The SoluCalc must therefore be placed on the water inlet of your home.

Subsequently, on contact with the CO2, the calcium carbonate (limestone) in the water is transformed into calcium bicarbonate. Unlike limestone, calcium bicarbonate has non-scaling properties. In other words, it does not stick to the walls of the pipes, nor to the inside of your appliances. As a bonus, it dissolves fairly easily in water and therefore leaves no traces of limescale on your taps.

The actions of SoluCalc

Protects your pipes and appliances
By removing the limescale and incrusted scale, your household appliances and pipes will last for many years longer.
Preserves the natural taste of your water
Unlike any softener using salt, SoluCalc does not change the taste of your tap water. This means that you can still drink it every day without any problems.

Water softener Hainaut: all the advantages of a traditional softener, but without salt

First of all, in practical terms, SoluCalc is very simple to use. Unlike a salt softener, the CO2 version is maintenance-free. It therefore allows you to save a lot of money over the years. Also, SoluCalc does not produce waste products such as salt bags. It is therefore more respectful of the environment than the classic softener.

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SoluCalc is also present in the following municipalities:

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