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SoluCalc works in collaboration with a network of approved installers: plumbers, heating engineers, water treatment specialists. Since 1998, we have been working to improve our services by putting individuals in touch with trusted installers to come and install our water softener system in their homes. We are always looking for new profiles to join our team and participate in the development of our CO2 softener.

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No drain connection

SoluCalc does not carry out regeneration, so it does not require a drain connection. You can save a lot of hours and installation fees.

Installed in 1 to 2 hours

SoluCalc is very easy to install. You only need an hour of work to get it up and running.



SoluCalc is very compact and can be installed anywhere: in a cellar, in a garage, under a sink…

SoluCalc 1 inch

The SoluCalc 1 inch is designed for apartments, single-family homes and condominiums with up to 20 to 25 inhabitants. Its maximum flow rate is 5 cubic meters per hour.

The SoluCalc 1 inch is very easy to install, in just two hours. You can install it yourself or have it installed by a professional. Our product is placed after the water meter respecting the standards in force in the country.

SoluCalc 2 inches

The SoluCalc 2 inches is designed for communities and condominiums up to 100 to 200 inhabitants depending on water consumption. Its maximum flow rate is 20 cubic meters per hour.

The SoluCalc can be connected to several bottles, which is ideal for homes with high water consumption. Our product is placed after the water meter respecting the standards in force in the country.

Industry and custom projects

Custom solutions are available for all larger projects, and individuals can request a custom quote for their large installations.

Effectiveness confirmed by the BBRI test

« Among the devices tested, the CO2 injection device proved to be particularly effective.

It offers a result very close to that of a salt water softener. »

Curative mode allows you to clean a limescale encrusted pipe system.

When set to curative mode, the SoluCalc is able to clean a system full of limescale. The SoluCalc protects the heating elements and cleans them thanks to its curative effect.

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