Hard water eczema: what influence does limescale have on my skin?

Hard water eczema

Wondering if limescale has something to do with eczema? Hard water eczema: we explain the potential inconveniences that you can have with lime in your water. In addition, you’ll find out how our unique anti-lime formula works and all its advantages. Discover the salt-free water softener, also called CO2 water softener SoluCalc.

Hard water and eczema: is there a link?

First of all, it is important to know that limescale does not cause the appearance of eczema. However, calcareous water is a factor in aggravating the disease because of the mineral crystals it contains. These crystals can cause a tingling or itching sensation on the skin. Therefore, to avoid these inconveniences permanently, you should opt for a water softener that will purify the water in your home.

Reduce skin problems with lime-free water

With a CO2 softener you can get rid of the limescale in your water for good. In fact, it will work just as well from your kitchen tap as from your shower head. A water softener removes all the limescale from your pipes and transforms it into calcium bicarbonate, a compound that is softer for your skin.

Is non-calcareous water dangerous for my eczema?

Not at all, a softener like SoluCalc has a water filtration system that does not require chemicals like salt softeners, and does not create corrosion, either on your skin or in your pipes.

And because it does not use any salt particles, the SoluCalc water softener also preserves all the essential minerals for your body that are present in the water. Thus, calcium ions and magnesium ions remain in your water.

Order the SoluCalc today

Would you like to take advantage of our unique anti-limescale and anti-scaling system for sodium-free softened water? Then you can contact us via our contact form. First, one of our SoluCalc-approved installers will provide you with a quotation. He will then suggest a suitable appointment. Say goodbye to your hard water-related eczema problems and enjoy a 5-year guarantee on your SoluCalc water softener now!

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