Help your customers save money

Do you want to improve your sales? As a result of the rising energy prices, many households have to be more and more careful with their consumption. These households can save energy thanks to the SoluCalc, which makes it possible to purify a clogged installation. In addition, SoluCalc helps to preserve household appliances: boiler, water […]

SoluCalc welcomes you from 7:30 am

SoluCalc is adapting its hours from 2023 in order to be more available for you We now welcome you in our showroom: Monday to Friday from 7h30 to 12h and from 13h to 17h Rue du Rabiseau 15, 6220 Fleurus Our closing time Our team will take a break between December 23, 2022 and January […]

How to adjust the SoluCalc accurately?

régler SoluCalc

You are a SoluCalc installer and you want to offer the best service to your customers? Then this article is for you! Find out how to accurately adjust the SoluCalc to dissolve limescale in the pipes and offer your customers an effective solution to simply reduce their energy bill. Adapt the pressure of the SoluCalc […]