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Do you want to improve your sales?

As a result of the rising energy prices, many households have to be more and more careful with their consumption. These households can save energy thanks to the SoluCalc, which makes it possible to purify a clogged installation. In addition, SoluCalc helps to preserve household appliances: boiler, water heater, etc. in the long term.

In total, thanks to you, your customers can reduce their energy consumption bill by up to 20%.

We have set up an exclusive signature banner for our network of SoluCalc approved installers. Simply attach this banner to your email, and communicate it to all of your customers at the same time as your invoices, appointments and contacts with them!

Download it here to add it in your mail signature.

Need help to add it to your signature?
Contact us : 02 888 70 80 (Belgique) – 05 82 88 22 00 (France)

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