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You are looking for a water softener at a reasonable price? Between the different types of water softeners on the market, you are wondering what is the best quality/price ratio and how much it costs to install a water softener? SoluCalc goes over with you the important elements to take into account when buying a softener and its price, and explains why a CO2 water softener system cost is more interesting for you than a salt softener. Learn more about the price of a water softener with SoluCalc.

What is the price of a CO2 food water softener?

What if we told you that not only the price is reasonable but that our water softener will also save you money? No maintenance is required and that our system, by eliminating limescale, extends the life of your appliances and pipes. The cheapest water softener on the market in the short and long term is the SoluCalc CO2 water softener. Contact us for a free estimate!

Replace your salt water softener with a food grade CO2 softener

Why is a salt water softener more expensive than a food grade CO2 softener?

  • Unlike CO2, a salt water softener does not solubilize limescale, so your pipes are not protected from corrosion or scale that forms and builds up in your pipes. You will have to buy several maintenance products to come to an end and enjoy a purer drinking water.
  • Scale is a natural insulator and your salt water softener does not protect your pipes from scale. Your water will therefore take longer to heat up, which will increase your energy consumption. The CO2 softener protects your pipes at all levels and is therefore more economical.
  • A regeneration cycle is necessary for the proper functioning of the salt water softener and this twice a month. During this cycle, you may observe an overconsumption of water.
  • Regular maintenance of your salt water softener will be necessary for softened water, so you will need to purchase maintenance products in addition to the special salt.

With our salt-free CO2 water softener, none of these steps are necessary! The price of a CO2 water softener is only the initial investment price, and the annual cost of a CO2 cylinder.

What is the price of a water softener?

With SoluCalc you no longer have to choose between your savings and the planet. Indeed, sometimes acting for the planet can be expensive. We offer a system that is not only cheaper than a salt water softener, but which, unlike the salt water softener, will not have any harmful effect on our planet!

What is the CO2 water softener system cost for installation?

When you order a SoluCalc water softener, our installers can come and install the device. SoluCalc works with a team of certified professionals. They are

  • Heating engineers,
  • Plumbers,
  • Water treatment specialists

They ensure the installation and proper functioning of the water softener in your home. But how much does it cost to install a water softener? At SoluCalc, we strive to offer the best value for money. What counts is the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why the water softener system cost and its installation remain affordable and accessible for households. In addition, the installation of a water softener by an installer takes only a few hours. Very compact, it can be installed under your sink or in your garage and is immediately operational to improve the quality of your water.

Water softener system cost: the costs to consider

A salt water softener is quite an investment. Between the bag of salt, the increase in your water consumption, the annual maintenance, the deposits in the sewer system, etc. there are a number of costs to be taken into account.
On the other hand, a CO2 water softener has many financial advantages. It does not require litres of water to regenerate, it does not need softener salt and it does not require regular maintenance. So the cost of maintaining the CO2 water softener is very reasonable. You only have to pay for a CO2 cylinder once a year, on average, for a household of 4 people.
The CO2 water softener is therefore an economical and ecological solution. It allows you to soften your hard water while protecting the planet and your budget. In addition, the CO2 soft water system cost is lower for maintenance .

We answer all your questions about the price of a water softener

Do you still have questions about the price of a water softener with installation or even about its maintenance, benefits and advantages? We have provided you with a FAQ to answer your questions. You can also contact our customer service by phone or e-mail.

If you choose a salt water softener, regular maintenance is required to soften the water. You need to invest in specific products and bags of salt to ensure that the softener works properly. This is because salt for a water softener removes limescale from your pipes. It should be noted that a salt softener performs a regeneration cycle twice a month in order to function properly. During this cycle, it consumes more water to regenerate itself.

On the other hand, the CO2 water softener does not require any maintenance. You just need to change the cylinder once or twice a year. The bottle is much more affordable than the salt bag. This saves you money. The price of a CO2 water softener in the long term is therefore much cheaper. In addition, it is just as effective as a salt water softener.

If you want to know the price of installing a water softener, contact our customer service. You will receive a free quote. Our team of certified installers will come to your home to install our softener. Our experts are plumbers, heating engineers and water treatment specialists.

Moreover, it only takes 1 or 2 hours to set up our water softener. Once connected by an installer, it is immediately operational. Our product is installed after the water meter in accordance with the standards in force in the country.

So if you are interested in having a professional water softener installed in your home, call customer service to make an appointment.

Do you want to install a water softener system and know its cost according to your needs To choose your water softener, you need to calculate the capacity you really need. There are several criteria to take into account:

  • Your water consumption. Depending on your water consumption, the size and capacity of the softener will change.
  • The hardness of your water. You need to know the level of limescale in your water. This can be found on your water bill. You should know that in Flanders, except for Limburg, the water is rather hard. In the region of Liège, Namur and Hainaut, however, the water is softer.
  • The size and volume of the softener. You must take into account the space you have at your water supply. You will find softeners that are more or less compact, large or voluminous.

Depending on these criteria, the price of a water softener can vary. The estimation is made according to the size, the volume, its efficiency and its durability. At SoluCalc, our CO2 water softener solves the limescale problem very well.

Our solution softens your water, without changing its quality and potability. Even if the lime content is high, trust SoluCalc, it will get rid of the lime permanently.

Water that is too hard causes considerable inconvenience in your home. From your appliances to your boiler and even your skin and hair, hard water has many negative consequences.

To get rid of limescale deposits, SoluCalc is the ideal solution for your house or flat. And if you’re looking for a low-cost water softener, check out our range. Our water softeners are maintenance-free and save you money.

But how much does a water softener system cost? To find out the price of a product, contact our team of professionals. They will be able to advise you on the right softener for your needs. So for limescale-free water, choose SoluCalc.

The disadvantages of hard water are :

  • Deteriorate your household appliances
  • Influence the taste of the water
  • Damage your skin and hair

In addition, the limescale particles cling to the sides of your shower and your taps. As a result, limescale builds up and is difficult to remove.
Thanks to Solucalc, the deposits in your pipes disappear. The quality of the water will be much better. The softened water protects your appliances, including your boiler, from limescale. In addition, you will find pure tap water, very soft skin and shiny hair.

Are you interested in investing in a CO2 water softener? Do not hesitate to contact our professional team. You can get a free quote by phone. Together we can determine the price of one of our models and the soft water system cost for an installation.

Has limescale build up all over your taps? Have a SoluCalc softener installed in your home. But where is the softener placed? It’s very simple. It is installed when your water is supplied. And thanks to its small size, we can place it anywhere, for example in your kitchen, garage or cellar. Our product is installed after the water meter of the water company in accordance with the standards in force in the country.

This way, your water, which is by nature hard, will become softer. You can say goodbye to your detergents, your carafe filter or any other household products against limestone. To find out how much it costs to install a water softener, contact our customer service department.

If you choose a salt water softener, you can call in a professional or invest in special products to carry out a complete maintenance. In addition, you need to buy bags of salt to keep the softener running. A special softener salt is needed to feed the device. The average price of a bag of salt is about 6€.

For a CO2 water softener, however, you do not need to call in a professional. This type of softener does not require any maintenance. If you are looking for a low-cost water softener, choose SoluCalc.

CO2 water softener, what price? Contact us for a free quote. Our team will determine the water softener system cost according to the model you choose.

What is water hardness? Hard water is water that contains limescale. There are different alternatives for water treatment. For example, filtered water is a good alternative for having less hard water. It treats the water to remove substances that change the taste.

But if you really want to get rid of limescale, SoluCalc offers a CO2 water softener that converts limescale (calcium carbonate) into calcium bicarbonate. The amount of calcium in your water is therefore the same, but the limescale is no longer present. This means that the hardness of your water always remains the same. The aim of this softener is to eliminate limescale and to have softer water.

Do you want to know the price of a water softener with installation or the maintenance price of a water softener? Our team of professionals is at your disposal by phone. In addition, you can receive a free quote. We have also adapted the marketing of our water softeners for private and professional use. We can set prices according to the model chosen and its installation in your home.

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