Anti limescale filter SoluCalc: the solution to forget about limescale

Anti limescale filter

Are you looking to get rid of limescale on your sinks, showers and bathtubs? Do you want to recover the authentic and pure taste of tap water? Hard water and limescale make your life impossible? SoluCalc is better than an anti limescale filter, 100% natural, our CO2 water softener solves all your limescale problems! Discover all the advantages and operation of our salt-free water softener now.

How to filter scale from the water?

There are several ways to filter limescale from water. On one hand, you can choose anti limescale filters, which often have to be replaced and which produce an enormous amount of waste. Do you prefer a long-term solution that is also environmentally friendly? Then CO2 water softeners are the perfect solution for you and for filtering limescale from the water.

Which filter against limescale? Opt for the durable SoluCalc solution : a water softener

The SoluCalc attaches to the base of your water inlet. It will protect your appliances, pipes and heating system from scale damage. This will increase their life span by several years. SoluCalc injects CO2 as soon as water enters your pipes and transforms carbonates (calcium) into calcium bicarbonates. The difference between the two is that the bicarbonates don’t encrusts your pipes, whereas the calcium carbonate encrusts everywhere. SoluCalc does not use any toxic products during water filtration, whether for you or for the environment. The hardness of the water corresponds to the calcium and magnesium content: the lower the hardness, the softer the water.

The advantages of SoluCalc are better than an anti limescale water filter, without any waste

Firstly, the SoluCalc water softener is maintenance-free. It will therefore save you a lot of money. In addition, unlike traditional water softeners, the SoluCalc takes up much less space because it is small and compact.

Finally, the salt-free SoluCalc water softener is also environmentally friendly because it does not use any products that are harmful to you or the environment. SoluCalc is also insured for a period of 5 years after purchase.

Order your SoluCalc now

Would you like to take advantage of our anti-limescale solution to have softened water? Then get in touch with us via our website or by calling us to request a free quote or the installation of the device. One of our approved professionals will reply with a clear estimate of the rates or a date when to install your new water softener which will take care of the water treatment.

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