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Is limescale in your pipes making your life impossible? Are you looking for an effective solution to get rid of it for good? Discover SoluCalc: a water softener based on food-grade CO2. Our revolutionary water softener device is a solution that will simplify your life.

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CO2 water softener: how does it work?

SoluCalc is a system installed directly at the source of your water supply. It takes up little space, so you will quickly forget about it. It effectively removes limescale, and will improve your daily life in many ways. How does it work? It injects food-grade CO2 into the water in your pipes. The limestone reacts in contact with the CO2, and is turned into calcium bicarbonate. Carbonates and bicarbonates have different properties, and bicarbonates do not stick to the inside of your pipes. With this straightforward solution, cleaning is faster than ever, water is purer and household appliances do not clog up!

What clients think 

Since I installed a SoluCalc at home, cleaning is much easier: the limescale no longer sticks anywhere and goes away with a simple cloth wipe. In addition, my three daughters can continue to drink tap water as taste remains intact.

Bertrand Jacob

I’ve been using Solucalc for over a year and I can really see the difference. Limescale on the edge of the sink wipes off more easily.

A resident in Cévennes

Replacing a 10 kg cylinder only costs 25 euros, so it is much cheaper than salt bags for my old water softener.

Alain M.

I recently got it installed it and it’s awesome! No more limescale, the water is softer… and the gas very easy to replace (the cylinder lasted us 1.5 years, and there are 3 of us)


When still present, limescale does not build up and a simple surface cleaning is enough, toilets do not get scaled up either.

Thierry D.

You really notice how effective Solucalc is when the gas cylinder is empty: the sink becomes dirty again, the kettle gets scaled up… This is proof that it works!

Vincent Perreau

Softer water means a reduction of soap quantity, a pH close to 7, a softer skin, no clogging of your systems, no specific maintenance and a low consumption of CO2.

Babilone R.
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We have earned the trust of:

over 10,000 households and…

CO2 water softener: all the benefits of a traditional softener with no salt

The SoluCalc CO2 solution differs from a traditional salt softener in two ways:

  • Firstly, the CO2 softener does not require the use of salt bags. It is therefore more respectful of our environment.
  • Secondly, once installed, SoluCalc does not require any maintenance, nor the purchase of products such as salt bags. In other words, it saves you a lot of money compared to a salt softener.

A CO2 water softener is a much more economical and ecological solution compared to any other anti-limescale solution.

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Guaranteed efficiency as evidenced by chemistry:

When CO2 is injected into water, it reacts with limescale (calcium carbonate) and transforms it into calcium bicarbonate which has several advantages:

CaCO3 + CO2 + H2O → Ca (HCO3)2

This chemical reaction is guaranteed for home temperatures (up to 95°C), with your boiler and water heater therefore protected from limescale.

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Efficiency confirmed by tests from the Belgian Building Research Institute – BBRI

“Among devices tested, the CO2 injection device proved to be particularly efficient, offering results quite similar to salt softeners”

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    SoluCalc: your anti-limescale companion

    Have you had enough of limescale building up in your sink, bathtub and shower? Would you like to experience the purest water with a refreshing taste? Then SoluCalc is your solution. Thanks to its unique anti-limescale formula, it allows you to get rid of limescale particles throughout your home. Our salt-free softener will really make your life easier.

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    The actions of our CO2 water softener

    Protects all your pipes and appliances

    SoluCalc is installed directly on your water supply system. It therefore protects all of your appliances – and your taps – from limescale-related damage. Our system even protects your water heater and boiler.

    Retains the original taste of water

    The CO2 used by SoluCalc is food-grade CO2. It is the same product present in carbonated water. Rest assured, your water will not become sparkling, but you will enjoy purer, healthier water.

    Order you water softerner now

    Want to benefit from all the advantages of our salt-free softener? Do not wait any longer and ask for a quote from a SoluCalc certified professional today. If you’re interested, you can also make an appointment online, and an installer will come to your home and install your CO2 softener.

    How does the CO2 water softener work?

    Solucalc directly injects CO2 into the water you use. Based on a simple chemical reaction, limescale is then transformed into calcium bicarbonate. Bicarbonates have very different properties from carbonates: for example, bicarbonates do not stick to the inside of pipes, they are non-encrusting. Water is therefore purified right at its source, and you can simply forget all limescale-related problems.

    The advantages of the CO2 water softener

    Our device has two considerable advantages.

    Firstly, SoluCalc does not require the use of salt bags. It is therefore more environmentally friendly than any other type of softener. It also comes in a very compact form, which means it takes up very little space and is easily installed at the source of your water supply.

    Secondly, SoluCalc allows you to make fantastic savings compared to a salt softener. You do not have to keep buying bags of salt constantly, and our device does not require any maintenance. The comparison tool on our website will show how much you can save.