Why use a water softener ?

pourquoi utiliser un adoucisseur d'eau

Household appliances that get scaled, hair and skin that dry out, scale deposits and traces of limescale on taps… Depending on your region, the water from your tap may be very hard and turn your daily life into a nightmare. To ensure your well-being and preserve your pipes, your best option is to install a water softener system in your home. Are you wondering why you should use a water softener on a daily basis? The SoluCalc experts explain the benefits of a CO2 water softener  to get rid of limescale in your pipes in the long term.

The benefits and drawbacks of a water softener

Domestic tap water is naturally loaded with mineral salts which are responsible for the formation of limescale. Using an effective anti-limescale device will help you avoid its harmful effects. Although the salt water softener model is frequently used, it has various disadvantages:

  • The regeneration process of a salt water softener involves the waste of many litres of water. In addition, it generates toxic waste and brine that ends up in the environment;
  • Annual maintenance of the softener and its components. In addition to the cost of a water softener and its installation, the cost of annual maintenance by a licensed plumber must also be taken into account.
  • Storage of salt bags is cumbersome and difficult in small spaces.


Thanks to its innovative formula, the SoluCalc CO2 softener is an ecological and economical alternative to the traditional salt model. Indeed, it allows you to enjoy all the advantages of a traditional water softener without the disadvantages. Its formula, enriched with edible CO2, acts against limescale in the water without changing its taste or mineral content.

The usefulness of a water softener: for whom and when?

When the effects of limescale are felt, you may wonder why you should use a water softener. Installing a water softener is useful for everyone as soon as the hardness of your water is too high. In fact, installing a water softener is the best way to prevent limescale and scale build-up in your pipes. In addition to protecting your pipes and household appliances, a CO2 softener allows you to enjoy softer, healthier water every day. Finally, the water softened by your softener makes your clothes more supple and prevents your skin and hair from drying out.

Why use a water softener? SoluCalc experts answer your questions

Why use a water softener for scaling pipes? What are the advantages of a salt-free model? In this FAQ, SoluCalc gathers the answers to your frequently asked questions. To find out more about our water softener and its installation, contact our team now.

The use of a salt-free water softener is a suitable solution to combat limescale in an environmentally friendly and economical way:

  • Food grade CO2 is injected directly into the water and converts calcium carbonate (limestone) into calcium bicarbonate. This process does not involve the use of regenerating salts or any other toxic chemicals.
  • No maintenance is required for the salt-free softener. In this way, you avoid over-consumption of water during the regeneration process.
  • The SoluCalc water softener is compact and discrete, so that it can be integrated into any type of home. Our product is installed directly after the water meter of the water company in compliance with the standards in force in the country.

When your pipes are too dirty, the installation of a softener will not be enough to clean the pipes thoroughly. In order to get off to a good start, we recommend temporarily increasing the pressure of the SoluCalc softener. This will allow more CO2 to circulate and dissolve the limescale in your pipes. After 3 to 4 weeks, you can adjust the amount of CO2 to normal.

Would you like to install a water softener in your home? Contact SoluCalc now and meet our team of certified installers.

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