Which water softener to buy?

Which water softener to buy

Limescale can be a problem in many homes: finding an anti-limescale system that will solve your worries then becomes a very important goal to achieve. Highly concentrated in calcium, sodium and magnesium, calcareous water is a problem to be solved! SoluCalc, CO2 water softener, will explain you Which water softener to buy.

Which water softener should I buy to soften the water?  

Anti-limestone filters that treat running water can help you. However, these filters are quite expensive and represent a real waste.

On the other hand, salt water softeners are chosen by some households to soften the water. This solution has several disadvantages, such as using a lot of water for regeneration.

There are also water softeners that do not use salt, such as SoluCalc, salt-free water softener.

What is the best anti-lime scale system?  

The SoluCalc is a powerful and efficient anti-lime scale system. To begin with, it is a CO2 softener, which therefore does not use any environmentally harmful components. Its system is very practical: SoluCalc injects food-grade CO2 at the base of your pipes. It can be installed by an approved installer, and you then hardly have to worry about this water softener. You will still need to change the gas bottle, less than once a year on average, and you can do this on your own, very easily.

Which water softener to buy? Find a solution adapted to your needs to get rid of limescale

he salt-free anti-limescale system is good for your wallet, preserves the environment and helps reduce dry skin problems. It will also extend the life of your appliances and pipes. In our opinion, it is the best anti-lime scale system in many aspects!

SoluCalc offers CO2 water softeners for flats and houses, but also for communities. You will find our 2 models on our “range” page and will be able to find the perfect water softener to buy for your needs.

Have your water softener installed by SoluCalc

Are you convinced that our anti-lime solution will suit you? You can now contact a SoluCalc installer via our website. Our expert will then come and install your new system at your home, quickly.

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