What is CO2: discover the unique anti-limestone formula of SoluCalc

What is CO2

What is CO2: discover the unique anti-limestone formula of SoluCalc  

What is CO2? CO2 is present in our atmosphere, in the form of gas, but it is also present in water! Let’s start by seeing what CO2 is in the form of gas, then we’ll talk about CO2 in water! Discover the CO2 water softener SoluCalc, also called salt-free water softener.

What is CO2 in the form of gas?  

CO2 in the form of gas also called carbon dioxide, is an inorganic compound. It has the same normal conditions of temperature and pressure as a colourless, odourless, pungent gas. CO2 is a fundamental part of the carbon cycle on our planet. It is therefore not undesirable in our atmosphere. However, in high concentrations, it becomes dangerous for living species.

What is CO2 in water?  

CO2 in water transforms limestone (calcium) into calcium bicarbonate. It then prevents limescale from accumulating in your pipes, household appliances, sinks, bathtubs and much more. The hardness of the water depends on the amount of limescale contained in it. Hard water contains relatively high levels of limescale, while soft water is the result of filtration, for example with CO2. Are you looking for a solution against limescale in your home? Think about a water softener such as SoluCalc!

What are the effects of CO2 in water on my health?

Initially, drinking hard water is not a health problem even if the taste is different due to the sour and slightly less pure water. However, if you have hard water and there is no water treatment plant, you can feel the effects of the limescale on your skin. This is why dry skin, tightness and itching can occur. On the other hand, CO2 injected into water by the SoluCalc produces softened water, which has a soothing effect on, for example, dry skin.

Your water filtration solution: SoluCalc

Are you tired of having traces of limescale in your home? Would you like to find softened water with a purer taste? Then SoluCalc is the right solution for you. Because thanks to its unique formula against limescale, you can get rid of limescale throughout your home.

First of all, SoluCalc is small and compact and simply attaches to the base of your water supply. In addition, it is economical because, unlike traditional softeners with salt, you don’t have frequent costs. Finally, it is also eco-friendly because SoluCalc does not use any chemicals or products that are toxic to you or the environment. So don’t wait any longer and ask for your quote on our site now. One of our approved installers will get back to you as soon as possible.

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