Water softener shower head: discover all the benefits

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Limescale build-up on your shower head can reduce the flow and pressure of the water. Eventually, taking a shower is no longer as pleasant due to the presence of limescale. In addition, water that is too calcareous can cause irritation and redness on the skin, as well as itching on the scalp. There are a number of solutions for this: household products, filtering shower heads, anti-limestone shower heads, etc. Unfortunately, these solutions can be costly and ineffective. SoluCalc therefore recommends a water softener for your shower head. We explain the advantages and benefits of a CO2 softener. Water softener for shower, what to choose? Discover our solution to soften your bathroom water.

Water softener: a shower head without limescale and a purified water

In your house or apartment, the taps can quickly become encrusted with limescale. Whether it’s a shower set, a tap or a sink, limescale deposits can build up. You can use any household product, but the limescale problem persists. When your water is too hard, SoluCalc has the solution: the salt-free water softener.

How does it work? Our product is installed after the water meter in accordance with the standards in force in the country. By introducing food-grade CO2 into your pipe, the limestone in the water will react with the CO2 and be transformed into calcium bicarbonate. This innovative solution eliminates scale build-up in your shower and bathtub. In terms of water softeners for a shower, what should I choose? The CO2 water softener is the most effective, ecological and economical way to get your shower stream flowing again.

Softer skin and shinier hair with our water softener

The water softener for shower heads converts limescale into calcium bicarbonate. This means that it no longer sticks to the sides of your pipes. Unlike a salt water softener, you don’t need to buy softener salt and you don’t have to maintain it regularly.
But the CO2 water softener has other advantages, which are not negligible in everyday life. Indeed, it allows :

  • Softer skin. Limescale can cause itching, redness and irritation on the skin. Sometimes the lime content is so high that it has a negative effect on the skin. With softer water, the water is of better quality and therefore perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Shinier hair. High levels of limescale lead to dry, dull hair and dandruff. Sometimes treating the water is not enough. The best solution is a water softener.

Questions about our water softener for your shower head?

SoluCalc answers all your questions about water softeners and shower heads. Check out our FAQ to find out more.

There are various solutions for making the water in the shower less hard, such as:

  • Household products
  • Filtering shower head
  • Anti-limescale shower head
  • Salt water softener
  • CO2 water softener


The most effective and economical way is the CO2 water softener. It does not consume more water due to its use and therefore does not need additional water. It treats your water whether it is for your shower tap, hot water tank or plumbing.

Very hard water can cause adverse effects if you have sensitive skin and scalp, such as eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, etc. To have less hard water, a water softener is the solution. By eliminating limescale, it improves the quality of the water and makes your skin softer and your hair shinier.

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