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You no longer want to spend your time cleaning the limescale on your kitchen tap all day long? Are you afraid that your pipes will become clogged with limescale and that this will harm all your household appliances? Would you like to know more about water softeners price in Belgium? SoluCalc offers you a CO2 water softener system that allows you to drink lime-free water every day. An economical solution, but also very practical!

Comparison of water softeners in Belgium: salt and CO2 systems

Before comparing the water softeners prices in Belgium, let’s go over the different types of water softeners: the salt water softener and the CO2 water softener.

The salt water softener works according to an ion exchange system. The brine used in this system captures calcium and magnesium ions and converts them into sodium ions. Therefore, the salt water softener makes the water softer by changing the structure of the water itself.

Our salt free water softener does not affect the ionic composition of the water. This system injects CO2 directly into the water supply of your home. The CO2 transforms the calcium carbonate (CaCO3) into calcium bicarbonate, a non-incrusting compound that does not cling to the walls of your pipes and can be removed with a wipe. The salt-free water softener is not an anti-limescale device, but it does effectively combat scale in your pipes.

Water softener price comparison in Belgium

The salt water softener is cheaper to buy than a CO2 softener. However, you will have to invest in annual maintenance and the purchase of resin beads. The salt water softener also goes through a process called regeneration, which uses large amounts of water regularly.

A CO2 softener, on the other hand, costs a little more to buy, but is more profitable in the long term. No need for regular maintenance, no need to buy a bag of salt, no regeneration process. Compared to the price of a salt water softener in Belgium, the CO2 softener appears to be a more economical solution.

SoluCalc, both economical and ecological

Our anti-limescale solution uses a very simple CO2 pulse system. This transforms calcium carbonate (limescale) into calcium bicarbonate. In this way, the limescale dissolves naturally and you will no longer need to regularly maintain your pipes. In addition, calcium bicarbonate is a material that does not cling to your tap system. As a result, there will be less corrosion and the life of your pipes will be even longer.

In addition, you will save money considerably compared to another system using salt bags to regulate the water hardness. In addition, because you will not have to use salt bags, you will respect the environment. Therefore, you will have a low cost water softener in Belgium!

What is the best water softener in Belgium?

We can only recommend you to use a CO2 softener, which are the most practical, most economical long-term and most ecological!

As mentioned above, with the SoluCalc solution, you have the possibility to reduce your costs for the maintenance of your pipes. Indeed, once installed in your home’s water supply system, you no longer need to worry about it. All in all, you can enjoy purified water, with the same taste and which also provides you with all the necessary nutrients present in water (magnesium, sodium, calcium, minerals, etc.).

Would you like to know more? Then don’t hesitate to contact our team and ask for a free quote. You can also test our simulator to find out which model of water softener is best for you in Belgium and at what price!

Water softener price Belgium : SoluCalc and its advantages

Do you know the benefits of a water softener? There are many. Not only does the price of a SoluCalc water softener pay for itself compared to a conventional water softener, but the innovative solution also has many advantages. First of all, the lime-free water helps to keep your pipes in good condition, which means you don’t have to change them often and makes them easier to maintain. In addition, it prevents your appliances from scaling up! This saves you time, as you no longer have to clean them, but also money, as they will last longer.

These two aspects will allow you to make savings in the medium term. Secondly, as the water softener is placed at your water supply, it softens the drinking water in your entire home. This means that the water in your shower is softer and less aggressive for your skin. With very soft water, your hair will be softer and your skin will breathe better without limescale deposits. Finally, the taste of your tap water will be better. As you can see, there are many advantages to having limescale-free water with a SoluCalc water softener. Contact us now for a free quote.

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How much does it cost to install a water softener: our FAQ

We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions, so please feel free to browse our answers to find all the information you need to install your water softener.

Do you have limescale deposits in your pipes? We have the solution for your hard water. When choosing your water softener, you should consider the costs and the efficiency of the softener. SoluCalc water softeners are salt-free and maintenance-free. Indeed, their operation with CO2 injection gives them an added value but also allows them to be ecological and economical. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get quality.

Installing a SoluCalc water softener is a small investment for long-term comfort. A SoluCalc plumber or certified installer comes to your home to install your system after the utility meter. Do you need more information about ordering and installing your affordable water softener? Do not hesitate to contact our customer service, an advisor will answer all your questions and can also provide you with a quote.

Unlike other softeners, the SoluCalc softener does not require maintenance or regeneration. It is the perfect solution for limescale-free water. Get softened, scale-free water and save money. The importance of our softener is to remove limescale from your pipes in the long term.

Is the high level of limescale in your tap water preventing you from drinking it? To get rid of your hard water and to obtain an optimal treatment of limestone, we advise you to choose a SoluCalc 1 inch softener for your whole house. Indeed, for a house with less than 10 inhabitants, the 1 inch model is more than sufficient. However, if you live in a house or flat with more than 10 people, we advise you to choose a 2-inch model. Are your shower walls and kitchen taps covered in limescale? Contact our advisors for more information about our best value water softener.

To solve your limescale problem, a water softener is a long-term solution. A water softener can last up to 10 years or more. SoluCalc water softener, for example, has a 5-year guarantee. Some devices come with a 2-year guarantee, or even longer depending on the brand you choose.

With a water softener, you also extend the life of your household appliances. Your washing machines, boilers and coffee maker, for example, will live longer without needing repair or maintenance. Your bathtubs, showers and sinks will become less clogged. No more hours spent scrubbing the walls with vinegar, no more unclogging with baking soda. A water softener makes your life more beautiful!

The most common brands of salt water softeners are Culligan, Water2buy or Aqua 2000. These are effective devices for treating the level of water hardness, and thus solving limescale problems in your home.

The most common CO2 softeners are Ecobulles, Hydrokube or SoluCalc. These brands are reliable and have a proven track record in the treatment of limescale deposits. Salt-free devices do not increase your water bill and are an effective alternative to conventional softeners.

There are cheaper systems, which you can find in various comparisons of water softeners in Belgium. Our advice: choose a system that is a little more expensive at the time of purchase, which will last longer.

Water softener price Belgium : why choose the SoluCalc water softener?

Are you wondering about the water softener price in Belgium? SoluCalc is a solution at a fair price. Moreover, our company has spent 10 years developing the best solution to get rid of limescale without chemicals. Our innovative formula, enriched with CO2, offers you many advantages. Indeed, the limestone is dissolved which prevents all residues. We also believe that the customer relationship is essential. In this sense, we remain available for any question related to the installation or operation of your softener. Finally, you should know that our products are guaranteed for 5 years. Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or to book your installation.

Order your water softener in Belgium SoluCalc

After reading our article on the comparison of water softeners in Belgium, you would like to order a CO2 system for your home? Ask our team for a quote! A certified SoluCalc plumber will come to your home to install your new anti-limescale system throughout your home. The SoluCalc is installed after the utility meter, in accordance with the standards in force in your country.

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