Lime-free water: discover the SoluCalc solution

Lime-free water

Would you like lime-free water? Then are you tired of all the damage caused by limescale, especially the traces of limescale on your shower or tap walls? Then discover all the advantages of the CO2 water softener SoluCalc on your pipes and household appliances now: the new anti-lime scale formula.

How can I get lime-free water?

First of all, hard water flows through your pipes and out of your tap. Secondly, hard water is water loaded with calcium and magnesium ions and therefore has a high calcium content. In addition, this water, which is composed of two mineral salts, deteriorates the condition and reduces the lifespan of your household appliances and pipes.

This is why the best option if you want to treat limescale throughout your home is a salt-free water softener, which is placed at the base of your water supply. It is important to note that SoluCalc is an economical, environment friendly and maintenance-free CO2 water softener solution.

Moreover, our system is placed on your pipes, in a place that does not interfere with your daily life. Once installed, the SoluCalc simply removes the limescale from your entire house.

How do I get rid of encrusted limescale?

In short, to get rid of limescale in your pipes, choose a water softener such as SoluCalc. SoluCalc attaches itself to the very base of your water supply and injects food-grade CO2 into it. Through a chemical reaction, the food grade CO2 transforms the calcium into calcium bicarbonate, which is non-scaling. This is the same type of CO2 used by machines to make your water sparkling. However, the quantity is much smaller and will not change the taste of your water or make it sparkling. This way, your pipes will be freed of the recalcitrant scale that damages your household appliances.

Finally, if you decide to install a water softener after years of life without one, your pipes will need to be cleaned. Thanks to SoluCalc, you can finally clean your pipes without any effort. Indeed, as soon as you put the appliance in place, all you have to do is set it above the usual pressure of 0.2 bar for 3 to 4 weeks. In this way, the surplus of limescale that has been encrusted for a long time will gradually dissolve and finally leave your pipes as good as new. Once these weeks have elapsed, simply readjust your softener to the recommended pressure. You will then have softer lime-free water and be rid of scale deposits.

What are the advantages of using a CO2 softener to remove limescale?

In addition to making your daily life easier by reducing the effort required to clean, a softener has many other advantages. Indeed, to have lime-free water, the SoluCalc uses CO2. This technique therefore uses only a natural chemical process to free your pipes of limescale. Unlike a softener using salt, the CO2 softener does not use unnecessary water during regeneration, saving thousands of litres of water every year. Finally, the water quality is better. Your skin will be less prone to dryness and your hair will be that much shinier.

In short, a CO2 water softener does not use any processes that are harmful to the environment. It saves you money every day and is good for your body. There’s no need to hesitate any longer, simulate it directly on our site to find out which water softener is right for you.

Order your SoluCalc now for lime-free water

First, you can contact us via our contact form to request a free quotation or the installation of your appliance. You will then receive a response from a SoluCalc-approved installer. As a result, he will offer you a clear price estimate. He will also give you a date to install your new softener in your home. Finally, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us.

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