Compare water softeners: what is the best softener against limescale?

Adoucisseur d'eau comparatif

The number of water softeners you can find these days is impressive. With such a huge choice, it can be difficult to make a decision. Which one is the most efficient, the most economical, the most practical? SoluCalc answers your questions and compares salt and CO2 water softeners to help you make your final decision.

Compare water softeners: the different softener systems

There are various anti-limescale treatments and water softener systems that allow you to enjoy softened water on a daily basis. Here is a comparison of the water softeners on the market and how they work:

  • The anti-limescale filter: this anti-limescale device is placed directly on the taps to treat domestic water without changing its taste.
  • Magnetic anti-limescale: this system works with magnets installed directly on the walls of the pipes to generate a magnetic field. In this way, the calcium ions in the water crystallize, which prevents the limescale from clinging to the pipes.
  • Electronic anti-limescale: by means of pulses in the water, the calcium and magnesium crystallization process is modified.
  • Water softener: using salt or CO2, this anti-limescale device acts directly on the level of hardness in domestic water by removing limescale.


Of these different devices, only the softener can solve the limescale problem directly at its source. By acting directly on the degree of hardness of the water, it eliminates limescale and prevents the formation of scale in your pipes. Would you like a specialist’s opinion to compare the different softeners? Contact the SoluCalc team of experts now.

Water softener: comparison between salt and CO2 softeners

If you are looking for the perfect water softener, here is a comparison to help you make your choice. A salt water softener aims to convert magnesium ions and calcium ions into sodium ions. This solution requires a large amount of water, especially when regenerating the resin tank. In the long term, the salt water softener is therefore more expensive and less environmentally friendly. You should also plan maintenance every year to ensure that it is working properly.

The CO2 softener, on the other hand, uses a simple chemical solution: transforming calcium carbonates into calcium bicarbonates. In other words, it transforms one of the minerals present in the water in your pipes to make it non-scaling. You will easily get rid of limescale and the constant deposit of scale on your taps. If you choose the salt-free softener, you won’t have to worry about maintenance as it is not necessary. In fact, it is a system that, once installed, does not require any attention from you. Just make sure that the CO2 cylinder is not empty (a 10 kg cylinder usually lasts 1.5 years for 2 people).

Compare water softeners: the technology of our water softener

Do you spend your free time comparing the best cheap water softener on the search engines? According to the BBRI report, the installation of a water softener is recommended when the hardness of your water exceeds 25°F (French degrees).

The installation of a SoluCalc CO2 water softener will allow you to get rid of all traces of limescale and scale deposits in your water. Choose the latest technology for your water softener. Don’t try to compare brands of water softeners, take advantage of innovation for your water.

Adoucisseur d'eau comparatif

Our FAQs on the best water softeners

Retrouvez nos réponses à vos questions les plus posées au sujet des meilleurs adoucisseurs d’eau pas cher.

Are your shower walls and sink covered in limescale deposits? Look no further for the best offer. According to the BBRI report, the CO2 anti-limescale treatment works for both hot and cold water. The CO2 device is placed before the water meter and treats all the water in your home, including the water in the boiler. Choose SoluCalc for your CO2 water softener. Are you looking to compare price for your water softener? SoluCalc water softeners are both environmentally friendly and economical compared to a salt model.

The SoluCalc device can operate for more than 10 years without needing maintenance. Do you want to get rid of limescale residues in your daily cleaning? Install a SoluCalc water purifier and say goodbye to limescale. When comparing the different prices on the water softener market, a salt water softener is cheaper, but in the long run, maintenance and salt bags add to the bill.

However, according to the BBRI report, salt water softeners use an ion exchange resin which causes a decrease in calcium but also increases sodium levels and facilitates the development of microorganisms. Prefer a SoluCalc CO2 water softener, which does not pose a health risk.

By installing a SoluCalc water purifier, you save on household products. Moreover, their operation with CO2 injection allows you to avoid maintenance, the purchase of salt bags and water consumption during regeneration. Unlike other brands of water softeners, our softeners are compact and do not require any installation work.

The choice of your water softener does not depend on the size of your home, but rather on the number of people in the household and the average water consumption. For a household of 4 people, the most suitable water softener system would be our SoluCalc 1 inch. Indeed, this model is suitable for houses and flats with 1 to 10 persons. Our product is installed directly after the water meter of the water company in accordance with the standards in force in the country. With the SoluCalc softener, you can enjoy softened drinking water every day, directly at your tap.

Water softened by a CO2 water softener is completely drinkable and suitable for human consumption. By acting against natural limescale particles, our salt-free softener actually improves the quality of the water and makes it softer. Unlike salt softener models, the CO2 softener does not change the amount of minerals in the water. The salt softener injects sodium ions into the water to act on the limescale, which increases the risk of corrosion in the pipes. With a SoluCalc water softener, you can enjoy healthy tap water.

The cost of a water softener is not limited to the installation costs. Indeed, the price varies according to the model chosen:

  • The salt water softener requires annual maintenance by a certified professional. In addition to the maintenance costs, there are also costs related to the extra consumption of many litres of water during the regeneration process. Finally, you must also take into account the purchase of bags of regenerating salt that must be added regularly to your softener.
  • Although a little more expensive at the outset, the CO2 softener allows you to save money in the long term. The SoluCalc salt-free softener requires no maintenance after installation. The only expense you have to make is the purchase of a CO2 bottle about once a year.

Would you like to invest in a CO2 water softener? Please do not hesitate to contact our professional team. Together we will compare the price of water softeners for you and draw up a free quote.

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