Cheap water softener: which solution?

Are you on a budget and looking to buy a cheap water softener? SoluCalc has developed a compact, all-purpose system that allows you to save money every day. In addition to being suitable for every interior, it is designed to fit most people. So, whether you have a house or a flat, you will have the water softener that suits you best, at the best price.

The risks of limescale in your home

The importance of very soft and pure water for cooking, drinking and washing is well known. When the water in your taps is too hard, you notice the harmful effects of limescale on your skin and hair, but also on your plumbing, your household appliances and even your clothes. Limescale can turn your daily life into a living hell.

Do you want to know the level of hardness of your water before investing in an anti-limescale system? Water hardness is assessed by the Water Titer (TH) which shows the concentration of calcium and magnesium carbonates. When the TH of your water is above 20°F, it is worth investing in an anti-limescale device to enjoy healthier and purer water every day. To assess the degree of hardness of your water, you can use a quick and easy measuring kit.

To reduce the hardness of your water and make your daily life more comfortable, a water softener is the best solution. Softened water will considerably improve the suppleness of your skin and hair. You will also enjoy shinier dishes and softer clothes.

Are you on a budget? Then the innovative SoluCalc technology is for you. Compact and efficient, this cheap water softener will rid you of limescale for good.

Selection criteria for your cheap water softener

Choosing your cheap water softener can be a complex task given the abundant supply on the market. In order to buy the right water softener at the best price, here are 3 criteria to take into account:

  • The hardness of your water
  • The features offered by the softener system
  • The capacity: you should choose your softener according to the number of people living in your home. If you do not choose a device with the correct capacity, your water softener will not be effective.


Although the salt softener is the most common, the SoluCalc CO2 softener is a more ecological and economical alternative that softens your water through a simple chemical reaction. This anti-scale device injects food-grade CO2 into the water in your pipes to convert calcium carbonates into bicarbonates. In addition to fitting your budget, SoluCalc’s innovative technology makes it easy to use on a daily basis and meets all your needs. SoluCalc’s cheap water softener is thus the unique solution to solve all your limescale problems.

Cheap compact water softener: discover the advantages of the SoluCalc

A salt water softener removes calcium and magnesium ions by means of sodium ions. Sodium chloride has the property of removing limescale particles from the pipes. The limescale content in your pipes disappears thanks to this device. However, it requires maintenance and a significant investment to ensure water treatment.

If you want a water softener at low prices, the best cheap water softener is the CO2 softener. It has many advantages:

  • To keep the device running smoothly, you only need to buy 1 to 2 low-priced CO2 cylinders per year.
  • Compact and small, you don’t need to invest in installation work. It can be set up in just a few hours under one of your taps, in your garage or cellar.
  • With our cheap CO2 water softener you can get rid of your household products. It softens the hard water in your home.


Our water softener is offered at the lowest price on the market. Its efficiency is no longer to be proven.

Cheap water softener: what budget for a CO2 softener?

There are several issues to consider when you decide to purchase a CO2 softener. To begin with, whatever type of softener you invest in, the budget is not limited to the purchase of the softener. In fact, if you compare a salt water softener and the SoluCalc CO2 softener, you will see a clear difference in savings in the long term.

This is mainly due to the fact that your water softener does not require regular maintenance. But also because of the thousands of litres of water saved. To better understand, a salt water softener uses a lot of water during the regeneration of its system. These litres are therefore wasted and yet paid for. Conversely, a CO2 water softener does not use water unnecessarily for this step. You will therefore be a big winner by installing the SoluCalc in your home!

What are our different water softener models?

To solve your limescale problem in your home, SoluCalc offers different models according to your needs. Indeed, there are two types of cheap compact water softeners. Discover our selection of products:

  • The SoluCalc 1 inch. It is ideal for single-family homes and flats (between 1 and 5 flats). This model allows you to soften without changing the quality of your water. Very inexpensive, our CO2 cheap water softener does not require regular maintenance, regeneration, regenerating salt or additional water.
  • The SoluCalc 2 inch. It is recommended for condominiums, apartment buildings or several flats. One device is enough to treat the water in several homes. It helps you to treat water that is too hard.


So, if you want to make a good deal, choose between the Solucalc 1 inch or the SoluCalc 2 inch. No matter which model you choose, the result is the same: food-grade CO2 causes a reaction that converts calcium carbonate into calcium bicarbonate. What’s more, our CO2 water softener does not consume more water than your standard consumption, unlike a conventional softener. So, if you are looking for the best cheap water softener, choose the SoluCalc. On our website, we offer it at a regular and fair price.

Water softener, opinions and questions about our CO2 system

Do you have questions about your cheap compact water softener? Find the answers to your questions in our FAQ. Customer reviews are important to us, find out what our consumers say on our homepage.

Do you want to install an efficient water softener because you have noticed limescale? Limescale deposits do not only affect hot water. However, the formation of limescale accelerates as the temperature rises. By choosing the cheap 1 or 2 inches CO2 water softener from SoluCalc, you are making a responsible purchase and you will get rid of your hard water problems: goodbye to rough skin, to white marks on the shower walls.

Are you wondering how much it costs to install a SoluCalc water softener against hard water? The cheap water softener from SoluCalc only costs you the price of the installation and the complete kit and one bottle of CO2 per year. Contrary to big brands of water softeners with added salt, both SoluCalc low cost water softeners are environmentally friendly due to their CO2 operation. You can notice a significant reduction in your consumption of household products and bicarbonate. Your bathroom and kitchen taps will be shiny again. The SoluCalc softener is competitively priced compared to other softeners and is efficient in terms of saving results.

Salt water softeners go through a regeneration process twice a month, i.e. a total of 24 times a year.

With your cheap compact water softener SoluCalc, there is no regeneration because it works with CO2 injection. So your SoluCalc water softener is advantageous: save bags of salt and drinking water. With your cheap CO2 softener you save money and the planet. Enjoy its benefits.

Some water softeners can be expensive if maintenance is taken into account. Salt water softeners are more demanding in terms of consumption, and require regular maintenance to function properly.

How much will it cost to maintain a water softener against limescale? The cost of annual maintenance is at least 60 euros, not including the cost of a plumber if necessary, or the price of the parts if some of them need to be replaced. Add to this, as already mentioned, the price of salt and the increase in water consumption.

If you choose a CO2 water softener, it is maintenance-free. You will be able to benefit from a quality, affordable and environmentally friendly water softener.

The water softener is installed directly at the water intake, just after the water meter of the water company, in compliance with the standards in force in the country. Once installed, the device is operational and starts to transform the limestone in the water. You can leave the installation to a professional. In addition to the purchase and installation, our compact water softener is not expensive. So stop looking at comparison websites and choose a water softener to change your hard water into soft water.

We know that hard water is harmful to our health. But what about softened water? Softened water does not change the potability of the water at all. So you can drink your tap water even if you have a water softener. However, the salt water softener increases the level of sodium in the water. Therefore, it is not recommended for elderly people or those suffering from heart disease. Whereas the CO2 water softener does not increase the sodium level. It is therefore not at all dangerous for your health and preserves the quality and taste of your water.

Water without limescale has other advantages: shiny hair, clean clothes thanks to the descaled washing machine, protected household appliances, etc. Take advantage of our water softener and its benefits at a reduced price!

Have your water softener installed in your home!

Contact our team to have your cheap water softener installed in your home without delay. A certified technician can come directly to your home for the installation. Once the installation is done, you will not have to worry anymore. You can therefore enjoy water without limescale and protect your pipes and appliances!

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