How to save water: easy-to-implement tips and advice

Comment économiser l'eau

SoluCalc gives you tips and advice on how to save water at home easily and quickly. Reducing your water bill is not only about turning off the water when necessary. Learn the right things to do, the right equipment to use and the best techniques to implement. You will discover, among other things, the devices […]

Compare water softeners: what is the best softener against limescale?

Adoucisseur d'eau comparatif

The number of water softeners you can find these days is impressive. With such a huge choice, it can be difficult to make a decision. Which one is the most efficient, the most economical, the most practical? SoluCalc answers your questions and compares salt and CO2 water softeners to help you make your final decision. Compare […]

Type of water softener: how to choose the right one ?

type of water softener

You cannot manage to get rid of limestone? Water softeners can be an efficient and durable solution to prevent limescale build-up in your dishwasher or your shower enclosures. However, different types of water softeners exist: salt water softener and CO2 water softener. But how to choose the right type of water softener? Which one is […]

Best value water softener: we help you choose

Meilleur rapport qualité prix adoucisseur d'eau

Do you want to get rid of calcareous water? The water softener is the best solution. But are you looking for the best value water softener? Among water softener salt and food-grade CO2 water softener system, several models exist and you may not know which one is the most advantageous. What are the cheapest water […]

Why use a water softener ?

pourquoi utiliser un adoucisseur d'eau

Household appliances that get scaled, hair and skin that dry out, scale deposits and traces of limescale on taps… Depending on your region, the water from your tap may be very hard and turn your daily life into a nightmare. To ensure your well-being and preserve your pipes, your best option is to install a […]

SoluCalc: What is the price of a water softener?

prix adoucisseur eau

You are looking for a water softener at a reasonable price? Between the different types of water softeners on the market, you are wondering what is the best quality/price ratio and how much it costs to install a water softener? SoluCalc goes over with you the important elements to take into account when buying a […]

Water softener shower head: discover all the benefits

adoucisseur eau pommeau de douche

Limescale build-up on your shower head can reduce the flow and pressure of the water. Eventually, taking a shower is no longer as pleasant due to the presence of limescale. In addition, water that is too calcareous can cause irritation and redness on the skin, as well as itching on the scalp. There are a […]

Water softener cleaning: the experts from SoluCalc tell you everything

nettoyage adoucisseur d'eau

The salt water softener reduces the level of hardness in your domestic water. However, this anti-scale system requires time-consuming and expensive annual maintenance. Fortunately, there are effective and more economical alternatives such as the CO2 water softener. Would you like to learn more about it to choose the best softener model for your needs? In […]

Water softener resin: what is the difference with CO2 water softener?

résine adoucisseur eau

Looking for information on the difference between resin and CO2 water softeners? Learn more about the use and operation of water softener resin. From the price of the resin in a water softener to the resin cartridge in a water softener, we explain how the resin water softener fights limescale in your pipe. We will […]

Water softener price Belgium

adoucisseur d'eau belgique

You no longer want to spend your time cleaning the limescale on your kitchen tap all day long? Are you afraid that your pipes will become clogged with limescale and that this will harm all your household appliances? Would you like to know more about water softeners price in Belgium? SoluCalc offers you a CO2 […]

Water hardness measurement: explained by SoluCalc

water hardness measurement

Hard water or water with a lot of limescale has consequences on the functioning of household appliances but also on the condition of your pipes and your skin. Indeed, hard water increases the deposit of limestone in your pipes, and favours the drying of your skin and scalp. There are several ways to find out […]

Anti limescale filter SoluCalc: the solution to forget about limescale

Anti limescale filter

Are you looking to get rid of limescale on your sinks, showers and bathtubs? Do you want to recover the authentic and pure taste of tap water? Hard water and limescale make your life impossible? SoluCalc is better than an anti limescale filter, 100% natural, our CO2 water softener solves all your limescale problems! Discover […]

Lime-free water: discover the SoluCalc solution

Lime-free water

Would you like lime-free water? Then are you tired of all the damage caused by limescale, especially the traces of limescale on your shower or tap walls? Then discover all the advantages of the CO2 water softener SoluCalc on your pipes and household appliances now: the new anti-lime scale formula. How can I get lime-free […]

Water softener causing skin irritation : what are the causes?

water softener causing skin irritation

Water that is too hard can cause itching and irritation of your skin and scalp. Also, if you use a salt water softener, you may have a skin problem. The presence of salts can put a strain on your skin. Your salt water softener is causing you skin irritation ? Consider switching to a salt-free […]

Which water softener to buy?

Which water softener to buy

Limescale can be a problem in many homes: finding an anti-limescale system that will solve your worries then becomes a very important goal to achieve. Highly concentrated in calcium, sodium and magnesium, calcareous water is a problem to be solved! SoluCalc, CO2 water softener, will explain you Which water softener to buy. Which water softener […]

Hard water eczema: what influence does limescale have on my skin?

Hard water eczema

Wondering if limescale has something to do with eczema? Hard water eczema: we explain the potential inconveniences that you can have with lime in your water. In addition, you’ll find out how our unique anti-lime formula works and all its advantages. Discover the salt-free water softener, also called CO2 water softener SoluCalc. Hard water and […]

Advantage of a water softener, we tell you everything

advantage water softener

Are you looking for a water softener for your home and would like to know the advantage of owning one? Are you hesitating to make your decision and wondering what the advantage of a water softener is? Here we explain everything you need to know about water softeners to put an end to limescale. What […]

What is CO2: discover the unique anti-limestone formula of SoluCalc

What is CO2

What is CO2: discover the unique anti-limestone formula of SoluCalc   What is CO2? CO2 is present in our atmosphere, in the form of gas, but it is also present in water! Let’s start by seeing what CO2 is in the form of gas, then we’ll talk about CO2 in water! Discover the CO2 water […]

Water hardness Belgium: what is it?

Water hardness Belgium

Generally speaking, hard water is water that contains a lot of limescale. Also, water hardness expresses the overall content of calcium and magnesium salts in the water. In addition, hard water causes limescale build-up on your sinks, shower walls, bathtub etc. It is important to note that in Belgium, tap water comes from 700 sources. […]

How do I install an anti-calc filter? SoluCalc gives you the answer!

Anti-calc filter

First of all it must be mentioned that limescale is a problem to be taken into account in many households. Indeed, it is a real ordeal for your pipes, so it is only natural that you are looking for a solution to get rid of it. All things considered, an anti-calc filter is the best […]