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Do you want to get rid of calcareous water? The water softener is the best solution. But are you looking for the best value water softener? Among water softener salt and food-grade CO2 water softener system, several models exist and you may not know which one is the most advantageous. What are the cheapest water softeners? Where to find the best price? Which one is the best water softener: with or without salt? In this article, SoluCalc sheds light on the subject and helps you find the best value for a water softener.

The best water softener for your home

If you want to fight limescale, the water softener is actually the best solution. Household products are expensive in the long term and are not always effective. Therefore, you should turn to the salt or CO2 water softener. But which one is the best value water softener between the salt and the CO2 water softener? The water softener salt makes the limestone in your pipes disappear and enables you to have very soft water.

However, it is important to notice that this type of water softener represents a considerable investment. First of all, the purchase and installation of this type of water softener are quite expensive. Then, regular regeneration pumps more water. Finally, you must invest in water softener salt bags and resin beads to ensure the proper functioning of the device. Not to mention inspection and regular maintenance. In summary, the salt water softener isn’t the ideal water softener system for saving money.

On the contrary, the new generation CO2 softener is the best offer on the market. The water treatment is done by injecting food-grade CO2 directly at the base of your water supply. This process reduces the limescale in your pipes because the limestone is transformed into calcium bicarbonates, a compound that doesn’t cling to your shower walls or pipes. It is an economical and ecological solution and we’ll see why.

For the best value water softener, which one is the most ecological?

Are you looking for the best water softener? We advise you to choose the new generation water softener using food-grade CO2. Thanks to the action of food-grade CO2, the limestone is transformed into calcium bicarbonate. Your water remains drinkable and your home is free of limestone and limescale.

Therefore, the best water softener without salt is the SoluCalc. By softening the very hard water in your taps, it needs no particular maintenance. You only need to buy a CO2 cylinder once a year. In addition, our water softeners are at the best prices. From purchase to installation, its price remains totally affordable. Especially since it makes you save money. Are you looking for the best price? The CO2 water softener SoluCalc is at a very affordable price.

We answer all of your questions about the best value water softener

From high-capacity water softeners to the most advantageous and efficient, we answered the most asked questions in order to learn more about the best price and the best value water softener.

If your water is very hard and if the limestone density is important, a high-capacity water softener may be the most efficient. But if you wish to save more money, the water softener without salt is the best solution. It needs neither regeneration nor salt nor regular maintenance. By transforming hard limestone into calcium bicarbonate, it is the most ecological and economical system.

You should choose your water softener according to your household water consumption and the number of people in your home. Usually, the 1 inch SoluCalc is ideal for family himes. It easily gets you rid of scale deposits in your faucets. The 2 inches SoluCalc is advised for buildings and condominiums of at least 10 households. Our product is installed after the water meter, in compliance with the standards currently in force in the country.

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